Expertise in the Business of Educational Technology

Ok, so when I said “contemporary” I was stretching the truth a little bit; however, when I was discussing educational technology, I was not. I am a teacher with over fifteen years of experience in the field, I have a sincere passion for things technical, and I have a deep understanding of computer programming and hardware design. I have taught diverse subjects such as Spanish, Computer Science, and Music, and I am finishing my master’s degree in educational technology this spring. Although you may not consider me an expert, I still am going to claim that what you will learn from my blog of educational technology thoughts, plans, ideas, and ponderings, and I believe that San Diego State’s Master’s Program in Educational Technology has prepared me to deliver these thoughts to you in a thoughtful and academically engaging way mixed with motivation.

The Beginning of the Beginning

I just saw that one of my contemporaries from the eighties has his own blog (that would be the first MC known as Hammer), and I decided that it was time for this MC to get started with a blog about educational technology. I am at the end of a long road studying Educational Technology at San Diego State University, and I would think it reasonable to believe that since SDSU is granting me a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology that I may have something important, interesting, and slightly motivating to say about it. Please continue with me along this journey to find the truth about educational technologies and the possibilities of a better education for everyone.