Captivate Review

I just spent the last few weeks working upon a project that involved Macromedia‘s Captivate. I was impressed with it ease of use, and its ability to capture screen movements and actions. It even added messages so that I did not have to create them myself. It has a very standard timeline that clearly highlights the objects so editing was quite simple. There are also some fancy animated texts that one can enter as well as slides from PowerPoint, some learning interactions, and extra highlight features. I am glad that I have a better understanding of this tool, and I would not hestitate to purchase it if I had a consistent need for it. The project that I completed was using the demo version for a class, and you may look at the rough prototype if you like: (Captivate Demonstration) Once again as with any mulitmedia project, good planning with a script and treatment will help the process run smoothly. As for recommendations, I think the audio system is too sensitive. Let me know what you think about Captivate or my project.

Podcasting: A Few Days Later

I am still in the design phase of Adventures with Dad, and I am looking for feedback from this podcast show. It was a rapid prototype that was built upon scripted and impromptu recordings. It went through a series of editing phases, but I am now looking for feedback from others. The life of this podcast show is really dependent upon new comments and new view points. It met the requirements of the class that I took, but I have also heard from others that this my be an untapped market. What do you think? Here it is again.


Life as a Teacher

It has come to my attention that there are many “Matt Moores” on the web and in the world; consequently, readers may be confused about who is writing this particular blog. I cannot change the commonality of my name, but I can guarantee that at this source and at this link, you will hear stories, lessons, articles, methods, products, and platforms that increase the value of education through technological usage. For those of you who do know me, you will recognize me through my links, work, responses on the blog, and responses to emails. Finally, I am not responsible for what others with my name have written or done to it. You may feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about others who share my name.

Using podcasts as an instructional platform

Today, I am finishing a class on podcasting at San Diego State University, and the class taught by Bernie Dodge and Karl Richter explored the theme of using audio podcasts as a platform for instruction. After a systematic design of a script, hours of audio capturing, a little music creation, and hours of digital editing, I created my first audio podcast that targets Dads who are looking for ways to create memorable and educational moments with their children. The pod cast is called Adventures with Dad, and I would appreciate feedback upon this first podcast. Your comments will influence the direction of this idea.