Web Based Project Management Software

Our school serves several learning centers in geographically disperse locations throughout Riverside County. In order to meet a variety of educational and administrative needs, we have implemented two learning management systems. We use Moodle for assignments and grades, and Breeze for live communication and specialized live teaching and training needs. Of course, we also use our web site as a resource to distribute static content and information.

Because these programs have been very successful, we are proposing to implement another web-based software to help manage our information technology and facilities projects. After researching products from the open source community, we decided to propose “dot project” which runs on the popular LAMP platform. After some tailored modifications to the code and database settings, we have a user-friendly web based project manager that provides a simple interface for administrators to view projects, add new projects, and see current states of projects. This open source software also gives us (the IT and facilities department) a complex database for creating vendor lists, budgets, calendars, reports, and tasks associated with those projects.

Once again, I am confident to report that open source freeware is stable, reliable, innovative, interactive, and highly customizable. Therefore, I will continue to research open-source software prior to buying software from commerical vendors because free is nice. I am also going to continue to support the open-source movement by directing funds to their projects whenever our budget makes that possible. The open source collaboration is everywhere, and in most fields the open source community is trying to create something of high value that can be distributed at low or no cost. These applications provide a very professional launching point for creating interactive projects that take advantage of web 2.0.

If you would like to learn more about how we will implement dot project, or have implemented Moodle and Breeze, please post a comment or email me directly.

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