An Open Source Solution for Moodle

This summer I developed a prototype for Moodle that allows a teacher to run a more current and detailed report of a student’s most recently submitted work. Since we are only using the assignments’ activities at our school, the report will show all types of assignments, the names of the assignments, the class, the grade for that assignment, the overall grade for the assignments submitted, and the time of that submitted assignment. This allows our teachers, parents, staff, and students to communicate more clearly, honestly, and accurately about how a student is doing. As a charter school we are very dependent upon the success of our students for funding from the state.

The open-source design of Moodle which stores its data in a MYSQL database provided a nice platform for creating the report in PHP code. The tables are relatively arranged in Moodle and merit a little research before beginning so that the developer understands where the data is and how it relates to the keys versus the values. The developer will also have to define clear “for loops” so that the PHP code accesses all the data in the table and/or live arrays. Finally, Moodle stores its date submitted in a time stamp that needs a little translation for your user.

While we may not be using this prototype because of some poor communication from our current leadership, jealousies among the staff, and the organization’s obvious lack of staying the course on goals, I would be happy to let you see this project and tailor it to fit your needs. This is a “non-Moodle approved” report that will work on any Moodle 1.6 version and possible others although I have not tried it yet. Please take a look at the link below and send me your comments and feedback. You can get a clear understanding of the results generated if you search through the sample test students whose last names are “one”, “two”, “three”, “four”, etc. I am looking forward to your feedback. The data is also test data and no students are used.

A Grade Report for Moodle