Small Business Web Sites

I have continued to use open-source web applications as a primary platform to get my business needs up and running at Absolutely Learning; and therefore, I am using many open-source resources for my clients who are also small business owners. There are many reasons to use these applications, and I would like to promote why I have found them beneficial. First, the time to go from no web presence or little web presence to a dynamic and interactive web presence with a web store is quick (within a week to one month depending upon goals and objectives). Second, there are many choices to choose from to find the right product and template for any organization. Third, you can add, delete, and edit the modules and interfaces that you need as long as you are comfortable using a complex control panel. Fourth, with a little web application building experience using popular web languages, you can customize most of these open-source projects and web applications to meet the needs of a small business. And finally, these applications allow for the web presence and application to ebb and flow with timely information and interactions which means the web is working for you in accordance with your small business goals and objectives. You are not restricted to what a canned product is offering you, you can actually mold the application for your needs now. Well, I am always happy to discuss open-source solutions for any organization, and most recently I have been working on projects outside of education with small businesses in North County San Diego. Just remember that learning happens everywhere today, even when someone is visiting your site. In today’s world we are learning absolutely or not at all. So please visit my new business site at Absolutely Learning and give me some feedback. You will be surprised at what this small business can do for you, and perhaps I can help you realize your business goals and objectives for the web.