Happy St. Patrick’s Day in LA

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope that you have found open source software and course management systems (which we can, of course, call learning management systems) a refreshing addition to your classroom process, teaching, and student learning. I am currently approaching midterm grades for the second semester, and I have students asking me all sorts of clear and precise questions about their grades, missing assignments, and project requirements. I truly believe that this eliminates repetitive conversations with students and places responsibility back into the hands of the student. It also provides clear communiciation with the parents as I require parents to log-in with their children to see what their children are doing. Independent parent accounts just don’t let them see what they really need to see, and this process puts the student in a situation where he/she has to tell the truth eventually.

Moodle has been a great resource that meets many needs, but I am still testing other systems. I plan to give you more feedback upon that at a later point in time. Perhaps I will have some feedback prior to the NECC conference this summer. Well, I wish you the best. It is a pleasure to be back in Los Angeles. I am excited about being back in such a culturally wonderful city with endless opportunities in the arts, education, and of course entertainment. I love this city, my school, and of course the LA Kings. Stay Classy San Diego! 🙂