My Students from Sierra Canyon School are motivating me to post.

I was recently questioned by a few Sierra Canyon School (Chatsworth, CA) students who had read my blog, and these wonderful students notified me that I was not posting as frequently as I should on my blog.  I was embarrassed that my blog had fewer posts than originally intended so I decided to get back to the basics and post about instructional design and the making of eLearning modules.
I have found instructional design vital to improvements in my teaching and training needs, and I have used instructional design techniques to help faculty and students improve teaching and learning. I find instructional design professionally rewarding because it involves producing, developing, and implementing innovative and effective online materials. I have created educational video, web sites, podcasts, flash animations, Garage Band projects, and other motivational learning modules that enhance student learning in online, hybrid, and web-enhanced environments.  I also collaborate frequently with teachers to ensure that learning goals are met through the creation of these digital learning materials, and I enjoy testing projects so that students and teachers are satisfied with the learning moment.
Well, I hope you enjoyed a post from me, an educator with over 20 years of experience in the classroom and using instructional design.  Thanks students for motivating me to achieve the high standards that I try to set for you.  

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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