Emotional Intelligence Siting

I can believe it.  There is hope.  After a week of searching for “popular” stories covered by the media, there is actually a story that rises above the Facebook calamity, the Bieber Baby, and other quickly emotionally highjacked roller coasting movies.  Is it going to be boring?  I don’t think so.  It might be for the mainstream minded folk of today.As it states on the ABC News Web Site.

Kathie Lee Gifford had a very awkward moment with Martin Short on the Today show Wednesday, when she complimented him on his marriage, not realizing that his wife died a year and a half ago.”

This was certainly an understandable moment for emotional highjacking; however, what took place immediately afterwards and several days afterwards deserves praise and should be used as a teaching moment for our youth and the understanding of choices in the decisions we make over our emotions.

Martin Short chose not to correct Gifford on live TV, but he did so at the commerical break.  Choosing grace instead of fire, Martin Short prooved to a lot of people that we can still wait during difficult moments and choose a better response.  What insued later was a outpouring of justified apologies from Gifford, and the viewers could (I hope) sense a common spirit that lies in all of us.

We make mistakes.  We can apologize.  We can wait for the best way to discuss those mistakes.  Fast response is not the better, and hurtful speech can be an accident.

I thank you Martin Short, and I am glad that Kathie Lee Gifford is who she is.


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