Frames of Mind

I was just reading Frames of Mind again as I ponder educational movements and current learning practices. It is actually the Tenth Anniversary Edition which has an interesting introduction from the author who never expected its reception by so many educators.  In the introduction, I am once again impressed how Gardener eloquently questions what is genius by questioning the difference between a genius who has demonstrated excellence in various academic spheres and the genius who clearly aims to enhance one of his theoretically defined intelligences such as music, mathematics, or linguistics.Gardner‘s writings (and especially Frames of Mind) always lead me to think about the learner more than the system of education.  It reminds me that learning and how people learn should be valued far above what people learn and how much of it.  His Theory of Multiple Intelligences also helps me see that the process of how to learn should be valued as much or more so than achievement scores, various awards, and especially college acceptances.

I just finished my 22nd year in education, and I participated in perhaps my 40th graduation march as a faculty member.  Over the years, I have heard wonderful speeches from great students attending wonderful universities and/or moving to other schools; and I have heard eloquent speakers deliver addresses that are poignant, informative, and cautionary.  Every year though, I always notice as I survey the class that there is more to be said of a class, more to be heard, more to know, and a future of greatness not yet defined.  It is comforting to know too that a new genius will be discovered even though the genius does not know that he is.

Frames of Mind, The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was recently purchased at the Simi Valley Library for 50 cent, and I am just an educator.


Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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