Fed Apps for Your Smart Phone

I was recently cornered in a supermarket and asked to stop harassing those who don’t have emotional intelligence.  I was told that my blogs were unprofessional and misinformed and that I was using famous people in the media as examples just like the modern media that I abhor.  Before I could get angry, I realized that I actually had a reader of my blog so I said “now Mom, you know I really don’t harbor any ill feelings toward anyone; and yes, I will get back to writing about educational technology.”  You see, I just felt that the inundation of technology in people’s lives needed to be merged with the theories of emotional intelligence so that when people were finished using a technology that they could walk away with more than an entertaining only experience.So this leads me to mobile applications for your phone.  I was recently reading an article from InformationWeek about great federal government applications for your phone.  I learned about a NASA App that informs the user of launches and current missions by providing current photos and video, and I found that you could drive a simulated lunar rover on the moon.  I was intrigued by the White House App, but I feared it was too politically motivated.   I really liked the MEanderthal App from the Smithsonian that allows you to take pictures of yourself and convert your image to a Neanderthal, but I felt that perhaps I would ask my son to put that on his IPod.  I think I will also ask him to test out the U.S. Army News and Information as his smart phone runs faster than mine.

So what am I choosing to download and test on my phone?  I have decided to explore, analyze, and evaluate the Library of Congress App.  I sure hope I learn something during the experience.


Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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