A Manifesto from a Spanish Teacher and Educational Technologist

Next year, I am embarking upon a mission to teach Spanish full time to middle school students, and I will be implementing educational technology methods and products that I have been designing and advocating for many years.  I am not planning on supporting those who can not use technology well, trying to convince administrators and teachers how to incorporate technology into the classroom in the best ways, or solving network and hardware problems for students and staff.  I am planning on teaching, and I am expecting students to learn.  I am planning on incorporating technology directly into the everyday life of my classroom, and I am very happy that my liberal arts education has afforded me this transition with such ease.I will also ask questions about how to improve language learning for middle school students, and I will test out best practices that use digital, blended, and traditional techniques.  I may even design some products and new lesson plans like I have done in the past.  And finally, if all is well I may develop projects for the web and mobile devices in my spare time.  Yes, it is time to blend skills, to design methods, to program prototypes, and to test and release new products and methods.  Lookout! (as my friends from Chattanooga say) There will be more in the future. ( no pun intended students )I wish all the best to my past students, their parents, my friends, my colleagues, and fellow educational technologists.  You can feel free to contact me should you have further questions.


Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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