Where’s the Moodle?

I still believe in the ability of using a course management system on-line, and I am still a supporter of Moodle usage in schools as the number one choice for teachers in a K-12 environment as it provides a wonderful organized course page for teachers, administrators, parents, and students to communicate assignments, handouts, resources, grades, emails, and other learning modules.  I am even willing to host your school’s Moodle transactions to prove that to you (matt@mattmoore.net).  However, as a new teacher at a new school, I also understand that there is a clear need to merge personal teaching methods and practices into the established system of a new school so that all constituents can communicate clearly with the new teacher.  Education is more important than the system.Technology is a tool that can never override the need of a school to communicate with all constituents in a clearly defined process with a comfortably trained community.   Consequently, I am currently not using Moodle this year in order to communicate clearly in an previously established system.  Therefore, I am happy to tell you that I have been dabbling with other tools such as RenWeb, WikiSpaces, and a Drupal based system to deliver my homework assignments, communicate with parents, run a gradebook system, and generate reports.  I am learning new tools, and I have some valuable evaluations that I will share with you at a later time.  While I am still evaluating these systems there are definitely pros and cons of each system that can benefit a school that needs to promote itself for admission purposes and student progress purposes.

So if you have been reading my most recent blogs, you may realize that I am teaching Spanish full time this year with five preps, creating dynamic language based lessons on a SMARTBOARD, switching to a MAC at school, using systems such as RenWeb, WikiSpaces, and a Drupal system, and finding new ways to use technology to create language learning lessons.  I am embracing change, and I adapting well if I may brag a little.  But most of all I am observing students speak, write, read, and listen in Spanish well.  Learning is happening in my class and Technology is being integrated into the curriculum.


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