Oddly enough when I came to California in the 1990s, I was a Mac user who owned an LCIII that I had purchased while working in Chattanooga Tennessee, and I was extremely happy with the power and capabilities at that time of the early 90s.  While I was working for a school in Pasadena California that was PC based I eventually found a need to have a PC for compatibility purposes and my studies of computer science, computer programming, database design, web design, and hardware design.  I learned a lot about computers, taught computer science for awhile, and created some great projects with PC tools, but it is interesting to note that I moved from the Mac world to the PC world when I came to California in the 1990s.  It is usually the reverse from what most people tell me.

Well about two months ago, my monitor went out on my 2006 HP laptop of six years.  It was a great computer that I used in programming, video editing, digital music design, web design, photo editing, office products, gaming, and movie watching, but I knew the monitor or video card was going out so I started backing up my data and my projects.  I still have access to the hard drive and the data through some odd hookups to monitors, but I know that it is time to start searching for a new computer for my home business and personal needs as the monitor or video card does not work anymore and it is an old and awkward setup now.

Recently I have been working on a MacBook that was given to me at my new school, and because I am enjoying the switch back to the MAC environment there might be a switch to a MacBook Pro for my home and personal needs.  I like the possibilities of creative expression through Garage Band, iMovie, and iPhoto, and I am evaluating developing educational apps for the IPAD platform with XCode.  The hardware is also top notch with powerful processing, awesome graphics, plenty of storage, and a slim lightweight design.

As I have said before, I like computers.  Both platforms have pros and cons, but I am thinking I might be going back to the beginning again.  I’ll keep you posted.

IPAD with a Smartboard

As I approach my 35th day at CHA, I am learning that we are celebrating our 35th year and participating in some celebration activities that not only celebrate our school wide theme but also CHArt the future of our new campus.  As I pause to reflect prior to this day, I am thankful for the overwhelming support that I have received from my new colleagues, my new administration, and new school.  There is an abundance of educational technologies available for students, faculty, staff, and me at Chatsworth Hills Academy.In my classroom I am settling in with my SMART board and starting to use more interactive content that is motivating for the students.  I also use it as traditional media presenter which is great for foreign languages.  Most recently I incorporated a story memorization activity with the app Comic Life on the IPad.  Students were able to retell the story with pictures of themselves telling the story.  These projects turned out nicely, and parents were excited to see their sons and daughters smiling faces while learning Spanish.

In closing I wanted to remind that I am using RenWeb, Wikispaces, Google docs, and most recently a Droopal site for class this year.  I have not felt this motivated since Graduate School at San Diego State where I earned a master’s degree in Educational Technology.  What a September!  I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year develops.