What is a school?

Because I see a society that has so many views of and associations for the word school.  I began studying the Merriam-Webster definitions for the term school.   With references to the actual buildings, groups of thought, and an institutionalized organization, the word itself can imply a variety of meanings and can be used in many references that simply fall short.   Society’s definition and understanding of the word school can miss the most important points of learning interactions among scholars and teachers.  Therefore, I prefer the definition as a group of scholars and teachers pursuing knowledge together.

With this in mind, I am concerned about how the news reports upon our schools.  I can easily read articles about new multi-million dollar buildings being built, expensive technologies implemented, sport team championships, and famous visitors.  While these stories reflect important aspects of schools, they do not investigate, demonstrate, or present what really needs to be defined for the American public . . . a group of scholars and teachers pursuing knowledge together.  Consequently, I believe lesser informed parents, politicians, citizens, and critics of the school system have not understood the complexities of the profession nor the benefits of what currently exists.

Groups of scholars and teachers are pursuing knowledge together on a daily basis in a majority of classrooms across the nation, and the process is as complex as the human brain.  The media needs to interview that, capture that upon its cameras, and display that to the world.  Buildings, Technologies, Sports Teams, Performances, and Other Extras are simply that . . . extras.  The school is a group of scholars and teachers pursuing knowledge together.  When that happens a school can grow, move, adapt, excite, challenge, produce, innovate, transform, plan, develop, solve, predict, experiment, construct, improvise, and invent in any educational environment.


Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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