Objective-C or just making an App

Objective C is the programming language that Apple uses for programming object oriented programs for the iPhone, the iPad, and stand alone MACs.  I have been studying it this summer as I wanted to create some educational applications that run on all the iPads that are being incorporated into the educational arena (especially locally in Los Angeles and San Diego).  It has been a complicated journey, but I found that previous studies in the original C language and object oriented programming work made the transition successful.

For me I had to learn new syntax, vocabularies, methods, functions, libraries and the overall Xcode interface.Two great books that I used are Programming in Objective-C by Stephen G. Kochan and The Core iOS6 Developer’s Cookbook.  Both have great examples that work; however, some coding background is advised as I found it tricky to debug.  I interpreted many of my own build errors successfully with their suggestions but I am not sure if new programmers would find that easy or not.  In addition to these great texts, I am using an open course on iTunes University from Stanford to get another approach to creating, designing, writing methods, and organizing the program.Also I am currently waiting on enrollment notification in the iOS Developer Program for this next year.

I plan to take Absolutely Learning to the mobile learning platform.  If you have any needs for either your iPhone and/or iPad for the learning environment please contact me. I am looking for ideas to program Apps for education and opportunities either by contract or in house that can exemplify moments of absolutely learning.

Educational Technology from Absolutely Learning – Matt Moore