iOS Development

I have been studying programming since the late 1990’s, and I have programmed applications for the web, stand alone applications for the desktop, game interactions, and interactive multimedia modules.  I have taught computer programming to many students using Java and ActionScripts, and I have created many functional class demonstrations.  In order to make those projects fit specific needs, I had to learn new code from libraries and other syntactical phrasings.  While I do not consider myself an expert in any one language, I do feel that I can manipulate many programming languages to create the desired effects of most common UI interactions, story animations, and general database connections.

This summer, I focused my life long learning efforts on the Objective-C language, X-Code, and the programming of Apps for the iPhone and iPad.  Education needs great apps for the platform, and I feel prepared for the challenges of Educational App creation.  To me, Objective-C was really a review from my studies in the 1990s of C and C++.  Yes, there are differences, but I was glad to see there was also a strong inheritance of common C language usage.   I also familiarized myself with the X Code environment, and I have concluded that this can be compared to working with Microsoft’s Visual C++ although I agree there are differences there too.

After finishing my fourth test application with success and running on my iPhone, I have decided to continue this trek of learning and developing for the iOS platform.  I am creating apps with multiple views now and examining the Core of iOS.  I am studying through textbooks, iTunes University, Apple’s Developer resources, and prior knowledge refactoring.  Also I am currently seeking employment as an App developer with a larger organization so that I can hone my skills and develop highly functioning apps for the iPhone and iPad.  My ultimate goal is to create educational apps, but I believe that I need to work with an expert organization to learn more about he process of complex apps for the iPhone and iPad.  Consequently, I am seeking employment either full time or contractual in the iOS development field in the Los Angeles or Ventura County area.

Educational Technology from Absolutely Learning – Matt Moore


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