Zoombla, a math game for your iPhone or iPod

AppIcon120Zoombla created by Absolutely Learning is a math game that requires the usage of arithmetic facts to find a target number. First, a player creates a math equation that produces either the target number or a number that is useful in creating an equation to reach the target number. Then the player takes that answer to create another math equation while always attempting to reach the target number. Once the user reaches or matches the target number the user receives credit for the fewest moves used and most operands used.

The product was created as a math game for ages 8 and up.  Students in grades 3 – 6 can hone their math skills while older students in grades 7 – 12 can review their math facts in preparation for Algebra classes. This game also has uses for adults who want to practice their math facts, help their children, or increase life long memory skills.

Zoombla Solve 2 Screen shot Nov 17, 2013, 10.23.45 PMAbsolutely Learning recommends several best practices and uses for this product.  It can be implemented as a stand alone product for students who need reinforcement of basic arithmetic and tutoring, but it can also be implemented as a game where students who have the product downloaded upon their device compete head to head trying to score the fewest moves or the most types operands used.  The game is random which provides for unique outcomes and interesting explanations.  When used as a game it is recommended that students and participants reflect upon outcomes and discuss and answers to promote reflection and explanation of ideas.

The game records the most recent games played so that teachers, parents, and players can review recent work and progress, but that data is not recorded for the long term.  Once a the app is restarted it will reset the scores saved after the first round.

Absolutely Learning designs, develops, and distributes creative educational technology solutions for schools and unique training needs. By using the Xcode environment, Object-C coding structures, teaching experiences, and instructional design, Absolutely Learning is providing unique solutions for the modern learner who uses the iPhone and iPad. For more information about us please visit http://www.absolutelylearning.com or contact absolutelylearning@gmail.com.

Zoombla – Matt Moore


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