Zoombla for Teachers

AppIcon120Zoombla a math game for students and adults, was designed with upper elementary students in mind; however, after the release at the iTunes App Store Absolutely Learning is discovering that older students and adults are finding it enjoyable for increasing math facts speed, sharpening the mind, and competing with others and other generations.  While there has been no official study that this game increases memory and attention, it would be interesting to get feedback from an independent study on various age groups to see if it has the same added effect as the games from organizations such as lumosity.

For teachers and parents, it is suggested that Zoombla be implemented as a stand alone game station or as a game of two or more players. For the stand alone game station, teachers could record the games completed during the class time allotted or simply let the students play a math game.  In the competitive mode of two or more players playing head to head on separate devices, students could keep score in a variety of ways.  One goal is to score all different types operands used, and another is to use as few cards as possible.  A third goal could be the number of games completed for a specific set of time such as five or ten minutes.  As the game has been known to get a little competitive it is also suggested that students of like math abilities compete as there is not timer only a beep upon completing a match.

Zoombla Solve 2 Screen shot Nov 17, 2013, 10.23.45 PMAbsolutely Learning also wants to let its readers know that the current version was specifically created for the iPhone and iPod running iOS7, but it does run on the iPad too.  AL is currently developing a different version for the iPad to take full advantage of its unique dimensions and capabilities but currently the program runs on all devices.  There will also be updates as user feedback and suggestions are analyzed and implemented.

Absolutely Learning designs, develops, and maintains creative educational technology solutions for digital, blended, and traditional learning environments. Among many projects for various clients, AL has created SMARTBOARD lessons, designed creative materials for Spanish teachers, developed computer science lessons, produced educational technology projects, trained Moodle users, hosted on-line learning systems, and tailored multimedia projects for schools and other clients.


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