Parents and Teachers, do you understand your wireless router configurations?

I recently posted a comment on Facebook about the fact that I am currently limiting the router Internet access so that my son is not using the Internet after hours via his plethora of computer wireless devices.  I posted something to the fact that my son was upset with the fact that I turn off his access from 9:30 pm until 8:00 am the next day and that he was calling me unfair and unreasonable.  My friends who are parents and teachers obviously commented positively, and because that Facebook post generated significant response I decided to elaborate upon this blog post.

So I am asking you, Parent or Teacher, do you know how to edit your router settings?

Most people have told me that they have a password for security, and understand the formats of login security.  However, there are other levels of access that you can restrict on your router too.  For example,  my Belkin router has a setting for scheduling when access is available and that is an easy way for parents and teachers to set a time that occurs every day for all participants on your network, but what if you want to simply disable your children’s or students’ access?  There is a way for you to continue to use your network while the children are forced offline.

To do this you need to better understand MAC addresses which are unique identifiers for each device that connects to your router.  These are predetermined numbers like a serial number, and they can be entered into a MAC address filtering service that only allows those devices to connect to your network.  Then you can simply restrict or allow specific devices at certain times of the day.  While this is not usually automatic (depends on your router) it does allow you to manually configure usage so you can continue your work after hours or limit the child student access when bandwidth is being absorbed by their games, videos, face time and music.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that my son has access on so many devices for studies, research, communication, and even gaming.  However, we all know that too much time on these devices can detract from overall academic performance, social skills, and sleep time.  Today, I don’t worry anymore about my son contacting others after bed time.  I have even noticed that he gets better sleep now.  Yes, they will not like it at times, but it is fun when you can count down the seconds before your child will lose access.  It also eliminates those times when children say they are not on the Internet but they really are.

If you would like any more information on how to configure your router or if you need an expert to do that service for you, please contact me at for further information.  Local SOCAL homes can be serviced, and it might be possible to work remotely upon some routers.


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