How to play Zoombla, a math app for ages 8 and up

As Zoombla is my first app on the Apple App Store, I am receiving a lot of good feedback about how to improve it.  But I am also finding that some don’t understand its main benefit so I wanted to review the benefits of its design for teachers, parents, and students.  First, it is a math game with endless solutions.  It is not right or wrong.  There are many ways to win the game, and thus it provides competition and more fun when played head to head with two or more players.  It is also designed to help students think about math and not necessarily be right or wrong along the way, but to use and see math for a real purpose.

The five random cards that are produced each round can be used in a variety of ways to reach the target number.  Participants who use all operations and operands should be awarded more points, but I left the game open ended so that students and families could find creative ways to play and apply points to the game.  So while our natural inclination is to search for specific right and wrong answers.  Zoombla gives you a problem to which you apply creative math solutions and have fun with how you want to score the results.  Every solution should be rewarded as some are more challenging than others, and I wanted students and players to talk with each other instead of only facing some unknown on-line participant.

I have added a video link below that is currently on Youtube, and I hope it helps better explain the game.  I would also appreciate your suggestions for improvement.  In fact if you send me a direct review to my email (, I can send you a free promotional code so that you can give the app to a friend or a colleague.  As I finish my studies of Core Data, I am also beginning to find data game ideas such as State Facts Games etc.  If you have an idea that you would to see developed on the iPhone and iPad, let me know and I can give you a free copy of it if I design and develop it.


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