Designing Apps for Education

When I went into the field of educational technology full time, I knew I wanted to create, design, develop, troubleshoot, and release great learning modules for students and modern learners.  This past year I have had the great opportunity to hone my skills in iOS development for the iPad and the Iphone, and with the success of FIND CALCULATE COLOR, I see more apps on the horizon.  ( There is a free version that can be sampled should you want to try it out. )

Creating an App from design to production is a very rewarding experience, and with each new creation I am learning more about the design and development process and how the iOS apps can be harnessed for speed and the ultimate intuitive user experience.  Apple truly has a platform that allows a small business to thrive in a very competitive world or is it?

My apps are truly educationally focused first.  I don’t add Zombie’s for flair, and I try to meet a clear learning objective without trying to teach the entire curriculum.  I think there is much room for great educational apps that can be placed on the iPad growth within our educational systems.  I want to thank you for supporting Absolutely Learning this year.  It has made a world of difference to me and my personal attempt to put a positive stamp on this digital world.

An Instructional Design Specialist

Reflection on Washington DC, adventure no. 27 possibly


Each and everyone of us should have the opportunity to visit Washington DC in their lifetime. For me, I have had the opportunity to visit it many times. My wife and son say we need a new family vacation local, and that is in the making for next summer (maybe). For me though, the visit provides a time of reflection so here is a short list of observations, reflections, and opinions for the readers. Some are technical and even educational.

English: Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D. C.1. Thomas Jefferson is and will always be my favorite President. I was glad to find the all so timely and inspirational quote located in the basement of his memorial. “I am not afraid of new inventions or improvements . . . ” –Thomas Jefferson to Robert Fulton, 1810. ME 12:380. There is more to the quote, but he was clearly understanding of technological improvements in society and a great inventor also. Have you ever heard of the copying machine he created?

2. The FDR and the Martin Luther King Memorial also surround that waterfront walk, and they are beautiful, inspirational, and technological wonders. This is a must see for everyone, and I am sure there were some computer aided designs there too as some lines in both memorials are fabulously perfect.

3. My son, Dad, and I visited the Spy museum which is full of great uses of previous technologies. As I watched the cigarette gun, the umbrella dart shooter, the various bugs, and interestingly placed cameras I thought “I am sure students have hats with cameras and pens with microphones that record all sorts of interesting moments in your classrooms today. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY.”

4. I took a picture that made my son seem taller than the Washington Monument. He sure has grown. I will not place it here as he deserves his privacy; however, if you want to know where to take the picture I will send you the directions.


5. Hershey Park which is not too far from Washington DC will provide family fun at the park and cool chocolates at the end of English: Milton S. Hersheythe FREE MUSEUM TOUR. You will also find if you pay attention that he created the Milton Hershey School which is a caring community that opens new doors for children whose families could not otherwise afford it. We need more of this type of education in the United States. We need better public education, and more wealthy people who are willing to invest their earning into making the world a better place.


Gulf Coast League OriolesOh well, as the Baltimore Orioles continued to deliver the best baseball I have seen in years at the expense of the local Washington Nationals I figured it was time to leave. I thought DC was still BIRDLAND. O, How the Washington Post has changed!

FIND CALCULATE COLOR, the demo version

FIND CALCULATE COLOR has a free demo version that can be downloaded from iTunes for your iPad for testing purposes. It is a limited version but you can test out the basic “EASY” level to see how you can use it for yourself, with friends and family, or in the classroom. It is a math memory game that creates moments of finding, calculating, and coloring in order to successfully eliminate the 48 tiles. It reinforces the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while implementing memorization techniques. In addition, FIND CALCULATE COLOR meets many of the Common Core Standards for knowing math facts in elementary school.

A game for all ages, FIND CALCULATE COLOR can be demoed and/or purchased by going to the following links from the Apple App Store.


FIND CALCULATE COLOR demo version – free