I was a beta tester for Microsoft Office 2007, and when the expiration date ran out, I decided to save some money and try the open source solution called I have been pleasantly surprised with it thus far; and therefore, I am doing my part in promoting this software through this testimonial.

I have used the spreadsheet software and the word processing software, and I have found that it meets most of my needs as a teacher, web developer, and small business owner. It is not as sophisticated as Microsoft Office, but with a little computer knowledge and basic programming understanding, one can develop databases and spreadsheets. The word processing and presentational software are cake, but they also require a little thinking to develop more sophisticated documents and presentations. Finally, there are two programs, a math and a draw program, which I have not used yet.

As for compatibility, I can easily transfer files to and from and Microsoft products, and it works well with PDF files. Because I have been so impressed with this open source software running upon Windows XP, I have most recently downloaded the open source photo editing software called GIMP, and I’ll let you know more about that later. provides the software for free, but they would like to get their users to contribute somehow to the entire project. I chose to write this testimonial to make other educators aware of how they can save money in their school districts. I have also decided to contribute my expertise with office type programs so that educators can feel free to ask me questions about how to use it. Finally, Please visit today, and try a free and wonderful tool that could save your company and/or school district a lot of money.