Still Moodling on Down the Road

Well, I knew one day it would come to my professor’s attention that I had graduated from my master’s program in 2006, and that I probably should not have any more control or access to post to his game design class site. Oh well, I did enjoy that class, and it was well worth the time invested as it was in that class that I learned to create good design goals, solid outcome statements for my students, a clear plan of attack, and the ability to reevaluate a plan in need of change. But I guess since I voted for Sen. John McCain in the last election that I just simply pushed him over the edge, and he had to drop me.

Anyhoo, I have still been moodling this year with a fairly successful campaign in all my classes for my students. I am currently teaching middle and upper school students at a private day school in Los Angeles, and I am learning a new environment. Moodle has been a constant for me though, and I have to admit my students are glad to know what they have missed, what their grade is, how they can do their assignments on line, how they can communicate with me, and what the goals and objectives are and were of past assignments so they can review past skills, concepts, facts, and procedures. In fact, some of my students’ schedules are so busy that they have to do some of the work on line. The parents too are appreciating the clear feedback and quick access. Perhaps I might have time to share some trials and tribulations with Moodle in the future at a conference or at your school, but of course I would need a little encouragement and feedback before I jump off that cliff.